You are invited to take part in our monthly film reading sessions. The discussions will be chaired by our Specialist Radiologist Ian Jones and will last around one hour. Those attending will have access to the cases seven days in advance and will be invited to share their findings. These are friendly, interactive sessions where the more you contribute to the discussion, the more you learn.  Below are dates for upcoming sessions


Date Start Time End Time
26-Aug 19:30 20:30
30-Sep 19:30 20:30
28-Oct 19:30 20:30
25-Nov 19:30 20:30
16-Dec 19:30 20:30


Learn from the comfort of your home or while you are at your veterinary practice. All our training sessions are offered via Microsoft Teams. Register for an account today! Please make a note of the email address you used as it will be relevant for the next step. Please register by providing us with your details by answering a few simple questions including the email address that you used to register for a Microsoft Teams account. We will send you a calendar invite for the event. To attend the session, you will just need to click on the relevant link we will be sending you as a part of the calendar invite.


Important Note: If you are a part of the Linnaeus Group, you do not need to register for a new account.


You can join our session on the go, please take a look at the video below.


For detailed instructions for your laptop or PC, please click on this link.