Frequently Asked Questions – Oncology

How long does chemotherapy take for my pet?

Most chemotherapy appointments take from 45-60 minutes. This includes a thorough conversation with our Specialist Oncologist where they will take a full history and examine your pet, an in-house blood analysis, chemotherapy administration with our Oncology Nurse, a thorough discharge with the Nurse complete with documented form and lots of treats for your furry friend.

What side effects can I expect from my pet receiving chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is very well tolerated in most pets, some experience side effects which are manageable from home. Even fewer experience signs that need hospitalisation, drips or other intensive therapy.

How long does the chemotherapy protocol last?

This will be decided by which protocol the Oncologist picks for your pet in order to give the best possible outcome for your companion. Some can be 16 visits over 25 weeks, and some can be 4 visits over 12 weeks, this is all dependant on the type of diagnosis your pet receives.

How much does chemotherapy cost?

Every chemotherapy protocol will differ in cost; however, a full estimate can be provided to you upon your request by our Specialist Oncology Nurse.

Will Chemotherapy affect me?

Very young people, very old people, those on medications which suppress the immune system, and those of any gender who are seeking to become pregnant, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding could be at an increased risk from chemotherapy residues, and therefore you should minimise your contact with your pet, especially during the 4 days after chemotherapy.