Frequently Asked Questions – Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging


Why does my pet need to stay for the day?

To ensure they are suitably recovered, comfortable and able to be monitored by their owners at home. Plus, our team love to give your pet extra hugs.

Why does my pet need an injection of dye for their CT scan?

This is usually necessary for all CT scans that we do, the reason for this is the dye allows the on-site Radiologist to see any abnormalities easier.

How does a CT scanner work?

A CT scanner is a giant X-ray machine. It fires off an invisible x-ray that goes through your pet and is caught by a detector. This is acquired as a sequence of numbers and letters and an algorithm converts this into an image. (See below for a single slice CT image)


When do I receive my pet’s results from the scan?

We endeavour to have a full report available within 48 hours of the scan.

Your primary care vet will contact you with the findings of the scan once our Specialist Veterinary Radiologist has discussed and published the CT report.

(Please note you will not receive any results on the day).

My Veterinarian took an X-ray, so why do I need a CT scan?

A CT scanner is far more sensitive at detecting any lesions. An X-ray can detect anything up to 4mm where-as a CT scanner can detect a lesion as small as 0.6mm.

Why has my pet been sent home with a bald patch and dressing on their leg?

This is where the Intravenous cannula was placed for us to administer anaesthesia and the dye injection as mentioned above. The dressing can be removed 30 minutes after your discharge.