Frequently Asked Questions – Soft Tissue Surgery


How long until my pet is back to normal activity after surgery?

Most wounds will heal between 10 – 14 days. During this time, it is advisable to restrict exercise (no running, jumping or playing) which can put tension on the wound and slow down the healing process.

After their final check with our Specialist Soft Tissue Surgeon your pet can go back to normal playing and even go to the groomers for a short back and sides.

How do I know whether my pet has a wound infection?

Please check the surgical incision at least twice a day for any signs of swelling, excessive redness, opening of the wound or any discharge. If you are worried at all (before or after your post op checks), please email us a picture.

Why does my pet have to wear that ridiculous looking lamp shade?

This is called a buster collar or e-collar. It is a simple and effective way of stopping your pet from licking their wounds. Licking can cause quite severe wound infections as well as wound breakdown. This can cause a delay in wound healing, require further surgery or different medication/s.

How do I know if my pet is in pain after surgery?

Dogs and cats are very good at hiding signs of pain but there are some clues you can look out for. Shaking, aggression, panting, crying, excessive licking, lameness, loss of appetite, flinching when touched, licking of lips and an increase in breathing can be indicators of pain. If you are at all worried, please contact us for advice.

What kind of stitches does my pet have and do they need to be removed?

For most routine procedures our surgeon places intradermal sutures (under the skin), these will dissolve over time. Sometimes it is necessary to place skin sutures, and these can be removed painlessly after 10 days.