Diagnostic Imaging

London Vet Specialists offers CT scanning (computed tomography; where a series of X-rays are digitally combined to produce a clear internal cross-sectional image) as well as ultrasound and radiographic examinations.

Our team of qualified radiographers are trained in obtaining top-quality images. Having our own in-house specialist allows us to promptly interpret images, so that our patients can benefit from shorter durations of sedation or anaesthesia. Those requiring follow-on surgery don’t have to wait long for diagnostic interpretation, leading to a seamless and safer patient experience.

Anaesthesia is supervised by a residency-trained anaesthetist and backed up by specialist critical care. Should the unexpected happen, your client will be in the best-prepared facility in central London, which allows us to receive even the most critical patients.

Imaging can also be done on an out-patient basis. We provide prompt reporting to assist the referring vet in their diagnosis and management of a case. We are committed to working with our patients’ primary clinicians and are available both in advance of, and after, any referred consultations.