Many people do not realise that cancer is not just a human condition; it affects our pets as well. Dr Richard Elders, our resident oncologist, can assist your pet by creating a custom treatment plan based on the needs and requirements of your pet. Richard’s main professional interests are mast cell tumours, novel diagnostics and immunotherapeutics, but he is experienced in all aspects of veterinary oncology and can also offer advice about internal medicine cases.

Specific reasons to seek care by our veterinary oncologist include:


  • Our veterinary oncologist detects side effects early and can adjust the therapy your pet receives.
  • Our veterinary oncologist is best placed to coordinate care with our specialised veterinary surgeons.
  • Our veterinary oncologist is trained to balance the treatment of cancer with underlying conditions while maintaining a good quality of life for your pet.
Chemotherapy while you wait service
London Vet Specialists pride themselves on efficiency, organisation and top-level patient care. In order to offset the stress of having your pet admitted for the day, we offer a service where we aim to complete the consultation, run any in-house tests and administer chemotherapy with our specialised administration equipment all within a short time frame.