Outpatient Imaging Referrals

If your pet has been referred for out-patient imaging then one of our clinical team will call you into the consulting room to arrange admission. Please do not feed your pet for 12 hours prior to the appointment unless your vet advises otherwise. Water can be given up until admission. Your pet may need a sedation or a short anaesthetic for its procedure but we will advise you in advance whether this will be necessary.
Your pet will likely stay with us for several hours, while we carry out the imaging and allow them to recover from any sedation. On admittance, our team member will:


  • Explain the plan for your pet and when you can expect to collect them later that day
  • Provide you with a full estimate for the likely costs
  • Ask you to sign a form of consent for the procedure
  • Arrange a time for you to collect your pet.
The imaging – CT scan/Ultrasound/radiography (X-ray) – will be performed and interpreted by our specialist who will then prepare a detailed report which will be sent to your vet. Your own vet will then discuss the findings with you together with any further recommendations.

Note that your vet may also ask one of the other specialist service clinicians at London Vet Specialists to provide advice or consultation.