Imaging Suite

Our imaging suite contains an array of equipment to allow highly detailed investigation of diseases and to assist with ultrasound-guided diagnostic and interventional procedures. At the heart of this suite is our GE Brivio CT 385 Scanner. This 16-slice CT provides fast acquisition of high-resolution images of the body. This enables in-depth investigation of a variety of diseases while the anaesthetic times are kept to a minimum.

CT (computed tomography) works on the same physical principals as radiography but, thanks to sophisticated technology and computerised processing of data, CT delivers accurate cross-sectional images. Therefore CT images carry a greater amount of information over conventional radiography (X-ray).

Our scanner is akin to those found in human hospitals, allowing us to offer a similar level of diagnostic investigation to our animal patients to that offered to human patients.

Our CT scanner is complemented by high-resolution ultrasound equipment. Ultrasound is used to obtain detailed views of internal organs and structures as well as information on cardiac health and blood flow.