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Approach to Pododermatitis

Pododermatitis is a common and frustrating dermatological presentation, seen both in first opinion and referral practice. Depending on the primary disease, the feet may be affected directly or in some may represent clinical signs due to a systemic disorder. Most often...

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Urogenital Ultrasound

Learn how to perform a comprehensive ultrasound examination of the urogenital system in small animals and how to recognise the key features of some common abnormalities including; nephrolithiasis, renal lymphoma and ureteral obstruction.

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Nursing the diabetic patient

This presentation gives a brief run-down of diabetes before moving on to discuss the dreaded diabetic ketoacidotic (DKA) patient. We look at why DKA occurs, tackle some of the confusion regarding the multiple arms of treatment for DKA, and discuss some of the...

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